One: The Pearl

Christianity lost the pearl

Christianity held the pearl for about three hundred years. Then she lost it. Today we see some signs of retrieval. At least we are beginning to look in productive places.

Jesus taught unity with God

During those first three hundred years, theologians struggled with the concepts of unity that Jesus had presented. He openly announced his oneness with God the Father. The statement aroused the ire of his religious leaders. “Blasphemy”, they cried.

A threesome

Not only did Jesus claim unity with God but he introduced a third party to the God-head: the Advocate, the Holy Spirit. A threesome, a trinity.

God is a circle dance

Eventually the Cappadocian fathers concluded God is a circle dance. 

Desert Fathers and Mothers

Theological thought focusing on the idea of God as Trinity came to an end around 313 CE. Except for mystics and the occasional monastery, the new focus turned to imperial concerns. The Church had moved from persecution to prestige. Christians living the life of Christ moved into the desert and remote places all over the Middle East. There they thrived away from the glamour. And so, it remained for about fifteen hundred years.

The Law of Three

Science has provided a new field in which to search for our pearl. It does not belong to any one group. Instead it is a foundation upon which world peace and prosperity can grow. Trinity is a code word. The Law of Three is everywhere. We find it in the atom, the very foundation of our physical world. Quantum physics proposes the idea that the universe moves in union, a flux in which everything is connected, a sort of dance.

The Good News

So instead of an old man peering at us from somewhere far away and recording all our sins, we have a Dance Master. The Observer has been replaced by the Participant. The invitation to join the dance, becoming full partners in the cycle of life, remains. This is the Good News proclaimed by Jesus. He even showed us how forgiving God is by absolving us of his murder.

Nothing left to prove

If we can embrace a loving God, ready to share life with us, there is nothing left to prove. Suddenly insisting I am right or making sure I belong to the right group no longer matters. All I have left to do is surrender to the flow and spread my wings. The pearl of great price is within my grasp, within everyone’s grasp.

Unexpected gifts

The exciting part is the signs of unity showing up in unlikely places. For a more complete presentation on this topic check out this link:

 I received it from a friend of mine, a Sufi Muslim. Life is so good.


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