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Creative Collaboration

Welcome to the creative collaboration of Karen Blanchet. Collaboration involves two or more than two. Working together with the promptings of the Holy Spirit she weaves images and words into entrancing places of contemplation.

Creative words

Crafting in words is part of the visual treat Karen wishes to offer those contemplating her work. Together, words, images and those who wish to participate, become companions on a journey into light and beauty. A poem endows each mixed media painting. Written in felt pen along the stems and cracks the poetry winks at curious eyes willing to search for it. Metallic pen offers a biblical quote in mixed media glimpsing in and out of view. Subtle, inviting.


Beginning with a chaos of texture and flowing paint in drips and drops, Karen echoes all of creation. A random chaotic start evolves into work of wonder and beauty. She accepted the invitation extended to everyone: to co-create. We are all co-creators as we work together to create heaven on earth.


creative, mixed media, semi-abstract, painting

One of my latest