One: Birth

The cycle of life takes its course without regard to schedules and organized agendas. We can plan all we wish but birth and death have no masters.

A new member

We welcomed a new member into our family last Friday, a beautiful girl, tiny and perfect. Our friend who mourns the recent loss of his wife dropped in as well. Life and death. A time to ponder, to listen, to hold the tension.

Life without hope

A young man once suggested he did not wish to bring new life into this deranged world. I suggested we needed more people raised in stable homes with hope in their hearts to build a better future. Therein lies the problem: no hope, no surrender.

Hope and faith

While we can talk about surrender we do need to believe in someone larger than ourselves to whom we can surrender. Without the hope faith gives us there is little chance of moving forward fearlessly. Holding the tension between known and unknown becomes impossible.

Newborns inspire

The disarming purity of a newborn child inspires a hope beyond knowing. Here is another chance to make things right, to create heaven on earth. The work begins now. Again.

Losses birth possibilities

Ultimately, we are never complete. The cycle continues and losses are renewed with possibilities. Today, this moment, allows for a new beginning, a new birth.

Welcome interruptions

Yes, my schedule has been interrupted, yet all is well. I can begin again tomorrow or the next day. The interruptions birth new lessons in patience, letting go and stepping into love. All is well because it is not about me, or you. It is about us, relationships, kindness, forgiveness and encouragement. Another opportunity to surrender. Life is so good.



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