An interview with CBC Radio Canada

Yesterday I enjoyed an interview with CBC Radio Canada in my studio. Interviews are always great publicity plugs for the upcoming events. The provincial tour “Dans mon studio/In My Studio” is happening this Saturday (2 April). Nine artists are participating from Bonnyville, through Edmonton and St. Albert to Calgary. One could spend all day visiting artists form 10am to 4pm!! I will have the coffee maker on and the goodies out! The link gives one access to the Téléjournal and the interview with me and Geneviève from CAVA comes up at 18:50 minutes into the presentation. Hoping everyone experiences overwhelming crowds at this event….

For those who speak French and other who just want to watch me in my studio the report comes near the end of this report at 18:50 mins.

Posted by Karen Jane Anne Blanchet on Thursday, March 31, 2016


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