Consistent hours


Occupying the hours

Consistent hours spent in the studio make a difference. Last week I put in twenty hours. They were not all spent at the easel. Planning the next show in my gallery “Inspirations” then hanging it filled some of them. A few guests are arriving this Wednesday and I wanted something new on the walls. Some of the hours hosted the exercise of storing clutter.

Catchment area

Space is at a premium at our place. The only usually open space is my gallery. It becomes the transition zone following camping trips or storing materials for the latest project in one of the rentals or temporary catchment of personal affairs for passing friends. Sigh. I am not sure I will get the mud off the floor before our party. Nonetheless I do have some new work to show.

Consistent easel time

Two other paintings near completion as well as these latest two snow scenes. The new work area for a completely different painting project is ready to go. Ten smaller canvases are all lined up with their perspective photos. Time to let the paint fly! Consistent easel time makes all the difference. Life is good.



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