Creativity takes many forms. Today at the clinic I chitchatted with a chocolatier. He was very enthusiastic about his form of creation. Unfortunately he cannot guarantee his chocolates are nut free so I did not ask him about purchasing any.

Another aspect of the creative process is happening in our street. The city is replacing the old lampposts, gutters, sidewalks and roadways. I tend to prefer the weathered look, however, it will be safer to have pathways that drain instead of creating ice rinks and are even so as not to trip the pedestrians.

The city workers are not the only ones to be busy this week. As for me it has been a hectic time filled with delights, distractions and projects. Consequently studio time was at a minimum. I still managed to get some painting done and I will share the results next week. In the meantime a long-awaited task received some attention. I like flowers. I have no beds. The flower/vegetable beds are other dreams on the long to-do list. However, I do have several pots. With a few recently purchased bedding plants  I created five new arrangements in various sized containers. At the moment they cluster around the entrance to my studio. Perhaps they will stay there… Beauty inspires creativity. Life is so good.

creativity, balance, planters
Odd numbers work best when creating a balance.
creativity, planters, beauty
Two of my creations beside the planter I bought in April.


Coming Soon!

Don’t forget to come out and see my latest work at Harcourt House and VASA!




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