One: Divine

“To live nonviolently—both toward humans and nature—requires that we recognize God’s image in each living thing. We cannot be violent toward someone or something when we see the divine in them.” Richard Rohr, Daily Meditations, 9 March 2018.

My raison d’être

We have separated the Divine from every other aspect of life. In fact, it has been relegated to superstition or wishful thinking. We have not discovered the connection between peace and respect for all things living. La raison d’être of my work is to create an awareness of the presence of God (however one defines him/her) everywhere and in everything.

Process and message

Much as with most artists, my work has evolved from hesitant beginnings. While my skill grew I explored different possibilities. Having chanced upon a method akin to the Creator (I begin with chaos), I find the process endlessly challenging. Where to start? When to stop? How do I capture the essence imbued in what I see? Is there a way to invite everyone into wholeness?

Healing separation

Presently I am tinkering with the idea of setting my poetry in a more prominent position. As a result, I may have a new twist for a new series. Although I have not worked out the technical foibles, the idea is to convey a divine presence in whatever the image might be on the canvas. This presence may be visible or invisible, as the viewer chooses. The invitation is to heal the illusory idea of separation. Everything and everyone is included.

Divine presence

If we could believe in one God without defining him/her for someone else, perhaps we could begin to love ourselves and each other. If we could see the divine in the plants, the animals, the rocks we mine, perhaps we might treat our world with greater respect. If we knew the Creator as a suffering servant, loving and forgiving, we might move into imitation. From there we may begin to build heaven on earth, together, in divine union and peace.


Don’t forget to check out my two exhibitions showing at the moment. Have a great week.


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