Easel Time

My Easel helps the process

Easel time makes backing up so much easier. When I am not puddling I enjoy adding the tonalities while standing in a vertical position. Often my back complains as I bend over the table. To look at more of my process you can take a peek here.

A change in plans

My November show has been moved up one month. Actually the gallery wanted August instead. I said “yes” and all hell broke loose. When the email came to ask if I was willing to change I jumped at the chance. We just got back from our annual family campout so the living room is full of boxes waiting to be repacked and stored. The sink is full of dirty dishes. The washing machine is on full-time duty with the sleeping bags etc. And our new renters are very unhappy with the state in which the old renters left our house…. Sigh.

A serious distraction

Did I mention I wanted to get out of the rental business? I slept most of the morning (camping is exhausting!) and then we spent the afternoon and evening cleaning our rental. My favorite job (the stove) will be finished tomorrow along with a multitude of other necessary details the worst of which I will not even talk about!

Returning to work

And when do I get back to my easel? Well…. That remains to be seen. I suspect it could be as soon as Wednesday or as late as next week. All is well. Life is still good.


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