Painting Edges

Painting edges is a way to avoid the cost of framing. Many artists choose to finish their work with a solid colour on the edge. Others like the look of shadow boxes (a frame flush with the surface of the painting and some small distance from it so one can see the edge of the canvas). I prefer to continue the image around the corner.

Mark with an X

Painting around corners poses some challenges as tree trunks, for example, tend to look natural in one position but not in another. One artist suggested I indicate the position on the floor with an “X” so that my viewers would know where the ideal vantage point is located. Yes. Or maybe we can let the trunks go with the flow and blame the breeze! Generally the look of the continued image appeals to my sense of completion.

The Disadvantage

The disadvantage of finishing the edges by extending the scene is time. Each side requires some thought on how to match what is at the edge on the adjacent side and one must wait for paint to dry. Having several to finish at the same time limits the waiting time. And one can always begin another painting…. Life is good.

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All lined up: one side at a time.

Two of this series “Wildwood” will be showing in the Federation of Canadian Artists “2016 Scenes from Western Canada” from September 6th to 18th. If you are in Vancouver do drop in!


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    1. Thank you Isabelle!! I am so enjoying my new space. Feels good to be doing what I have always wanted to do…. I hear there are some good things happening in your world too!

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