eve, mixed media, semi-abstract, figures, roles of women

Eve: Mixed Media

Over the millennia the roles of women have changed. Some are positive, others, not so much. “Eve” is a collection of my experiences as a woman. Consequently the images reflect both positive and negative influences. Creating this series marked the turning point of my career as an artist. 

“Eve”: a healing journey

My passion to paint found its fire at an atelier type school, Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, Australia. My parents curtailed my studies after about eighteen months. Following a losing battle, I enrolled in university and finished with a degree in Honours French. Nothing is wasted. I married the most wonderful man in the world (an Albertan Francophone). He offered the encouragement I needed to begin my healing journey. He gave me the space to engage in a battle with myself for permission to paint. Part of this journey led me to a personal development group, Klemmer and Associates. The experiential exercises changed my life. My group challenged me to create seven paintings in seven weeks. Up to that point I had painted maybe two or three per year.

Beginnings of a professional practice

As a result I began my first substantial series, “Eve” ending up with twenty-five paintings in all. They  delve into dark corners and offer healing to long-festering wounds. The images are glimpses into moments of both joy and pain. I discovered my capacity for focus, organization and scheduling. Most of all, keeping regular hours in my studio afforded the time necessary to complete the task in six weeks, not seven. Dumbfounded I moved a little closer to my dream of being a professional artist. Rather, leaving my hobby in yesteryear, I jumped into a new sea of creativity. Being woman is so exciting.