Events and Latest Happenings

Local Events

CAVA: espace exploration

In collaboration with four other Alberta artists, we have created an installation which explores the journey from inspiration to completion of a work of art. Each artist has conceived of a mobile with this idea in mind. Five mobiles, five canvases hanging together in one space, moving and interacting in flowing symphony. So fun! The show runs until November 25th at CAVA 9103 95 Ave Edmonton. Hours are Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm.

Devenir, installation, mobiles, mixed media

Like entering a forest

Alberta Branded

semi-abstract, landscape, Alberta Branded, mixed media,


The main floor gallery in the Edmonton Federal Building (9820 107 Street) “Alberta Branded” has accepted Karen’s artwork for their oncoming season entitled “Common Ground”. Do drop in. Hours are 10am to 5pm during the summer.



Ongoing events in Inspirations

mistakes, blog, mixed media, landscape

That’s better!

“Inspirations” the gallery adjoining Karen’s studio space (12936 108 Street Edmonton AB Canada) offers a preview of her latest work. Do drop in between the hours of 9am and noon, Monday to Friday, for a sneak peek. Or give her a ring (780-761-7262) and set up a date for private tour. Giving her a ring is a good idea anyway since she takes off occasionally. 

 International Events

Vancouver, semi-abstract, landscape, painting, events

ArtistInfo (UK company) has put together a virtual gallery in which I am displaying my largest painting in the series “Wildwood”. The painting is 48 inches square and is called “Spring”. I am about 50 seconds into the show. You can view it here.