Latest Events

Not all events are local. Some travel the province. A few even venture out beyond the borders. Others are online. Keeps me busy.

Local Events

Exhibition spaces closed again. So events are either not happening or are very restricted. Consequently, nothing on the immediate horizon to report except a possible workshop in Sherwood Park.


Deep White/profondeur blanche 30x30in neomosaic/mixedmedia on gallery wrap canvas $1710.00

Should you wish to learn how I do what I do, the Art Society of Strathcona County offers a workshop on my neomosaic style. So here is the link. Only those who have proof of vaccination will be allowed to attend.

Devenir Events-Edmonton/Calgary

Mini-Inspirations new work
Free mini art gallery

Every year Devenir takes part in a collaborative activity. Since places to show our work where we can meet and greet prove rare, we have decided to create our own. Our free mini galleries remain open until snow fall. Drop in and swap some art at a location near you. @patricialortie @dorischarest @sabinelecorremoore @danielepetit

Private events: “Inspirations”

Deep white spaces lead to neomosaic
Deep White/profondeur blanche

“Inspirations”, the lovely gallery adjoining Karen’s studio space, offers a preview of her latest work. It is located in the backyard of her home at 12936 108th Street NW Edmonton. She is always excited to welcome visitors into her space. Give her a ring (780-761-7262) and set up a date for a private viewing.