Fascination is what my studio is all about. I get do what I love best this morning and I can hardly wait… There is a fascinating activity awaiting me there, time consuming, tiring, totally enthralling. Painting. I am told in order to make a success of my business I need to devote eighty percent of my time marketing and selling. I prefer Van Gogh’s approach: one hundred percent painting! Not sure I want the side effects though. For me the balance is somewhere in the unknown as every day is different and things change with deadlines and interruptions… So I am back in my studio today after fighting with my computer on the weekend, trying to get my website to link to a particular Facebook page and not succeeding. Technology, not one of my strengths! I handle paintbrushes much more easily and I can hardly wait… I love my new series. Only two are on the point of completion. Three others are on their way. I have found my rhythm again. Love it! Life is good.


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        1. Yes, indeed. It is simple. Like so many simple things it is not so easy to do. It has only been very recently that I have given myself permission to be in my studio for twenty hours of painting time per week. I don’t always get it done; life gets in the way. I am finding my painting has improved and I am so much happier…

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