Finishing Touches

Running out of paint

Transitions challenge the creative process. At the moment I am finishing four pieces and refurbishing my colour mixtures. As the exact amount of each colour varies with new combinations I am loath to begin a new painting without a good supply of the basic grays. Beginning something new has to wait.

Finishing Touches

Watching paint dry, a truly exciting activity, became my principal routineā€¦ Once this stage passed I turned to the other little touches that make my work unique: inscribing poetry and bible quotes throughout the image, applying my signature, splashes of pure colour. More waiting and drying. At some point as well I install hanging hardware. I also record the poetry, name of work and code number on the back of each piece.

Protective coats

Before applying the varnish I spray on a workable fixative to stabilize the watercolour pencil and the felt pen. The solvents used to remove the varnish, should the work ever need cleaning, damage the underlying materials. To protect the original painting I add a coat of Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish. This product binds with the paint and the various media within the image providing a barrier between it and the varnish. Two coats of UVL protection become the last of the finishing touches.


Finishing leads to beginning again.
Newly purchased raw material. Exciting possibilities!

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