Galerie Inspirations Gallery

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The coffee is on.

A forty year old dream

Galerie Inspirations Gallery is the physical form of a forty year old dream. Realized in the beautiful space attached to Karen’s studio at the end of her garden path one dream morphed into another. Having a space is one thing. What to do with it is another. Running a gallery takes takes an expertise Karen is not willing to master. Consequently, Inspirations is a less efficient storage space provided for those who wish to visit.

Gallery Space

Rather than put work from other artists on display, Karen continues to show her latest images on a regular basis in her own gallery space. In other words the gallery is a fantastic transition space where fresh paint waits in the half light. Not quite complete, the artist decides whether a painting needs tweaking before the final coats are applied. Once varnished the new pieces hang for a while before the next show spirits them away. Should you wish to have a sneak peek at the latest, drop in between 9am and noon on any day of the week. Karen will be in her studio throwing paint around. Better call before you come, she is often out and about.

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Everyone is welcome.