One: Gesso

Drastic measures are sometimes required. Gesso is the perfect solution. I love working on several paintings at the same time. Helps me stay fresh. There are occasions when this strategy fails to keep me from falling into the pit. Yes, indeed, I dig holes for myself as I desperately search for solutions to visual problems while not noticing obvious errors. And so it was this week.

The foible

Although I really like the image in the photograph there are several adjustments in the shapes and value areas needed to render it perfectly. Since my process is rather random the habit of creating same sizes repeated at same intervals is an ongoing foible. So while I rearranged the dark water shapes, adding more “snow” and thereby covering the lovely accidental colour happenings, I completely missed the evenly spaced branches climbing the left side of the canvas. Sigh. It would not do.

Gesso: the perfect solution!

Taking a large brush I reached for my base mixture of gesso, gel and complementary colours and covered the whole surface. Gone! Although some would argue the previous image will influence the next I trust the underlying chaos of the method. The texture remains. The thin layers of colours are creating glow once more. It is time to splash paint again. New trails, new accidents, new challenges. Life is good.

Gesso, blog
Blank and beautiful!

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  1. I always Love how you make the best of the situation and keep on going!! I also enjoy your writing style 🙂
    Keep up the great work.

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