Why I volunteer

Hosting has become really important in my weekly schedule of late! As a member of Harcourt House I very much appreciate the opportunities afforded me by the cooperative. Volunteering as host to the Naked Show helps pay back a little. “Oh the Audacity” runs until July 5th! I may be on duty in the morning of the last day too. The time slot remains open. We will see once we get back from our annual family camping trip.

Why volunteers are needed

The staff and volunteers in the two galleries on the third floor of the main building cannot cover the Naked Show. The Annex, next to the main building where the Member Show “Connect the Dots” hangs until July 9th, harbours the Naked Show. The people who do life drawing on a regular basis are responsible to “man the post” in the annex. Not everyone who draws volunteers.

Why bother hosting

Drawing from life is important to me. It improves my skills in all aspects of my creativity. With that in mind hiring a model is an expensive proposition. Being a member helps reduce the cost significantly as I buy blocks of time which last a couple of months (or years!). Other artists do the same. Maintaining a more consistent schedule these days I use the blocks more quickly. What time slots are left will be gone in September once the Monday sessions begin again. We take the summer off. In the meantime you will meet me on occasion hosting at other shows throughout the year. I like meeting the people! Life is good.


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Now showing at the Harcourt House Member Show “Connect the Dots”.

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    1. Thank you Kim! It is a lovely show. It is coming down tomorrow but the member show runs until the end of the week.

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