Different Strokes: Layers

A few weeks ago, molding paste took the centre stage as I discussed the beginnings of my process. The molding paste is now dry. Proceeding into the next step we prepare by playing with colour mixing.

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Fun, fun, fun!

Do it yourself

Colour mixing is endlessly fascinating. Although it takes time to explore, the nuances of making my own combinations pays dividends. In this case, I am interested in combining various complementary colours to form grays. Before choosing my colours, I consult a colour wheel to ensure the complementarity of the colours. Then I bend the rules.

Make a selection

Once I have chosen the hues I brush the two together on a scrap piece of paper, watching for the magic. Some lovely combinations include: dioxazine purple with phthalocyanine green yellow shade(PGY), quinacridone magenta with PGY, and phthalocyanine blue red shade (PBR) with quinacridone burnt orange (QBO). While I have an excellent memory, and can identify colours easily, I find labelling each piece of paper saves time in the long run. Having done a dozen experiments, I identify my favorites and turn to the next task.

blog, layers, art, painting, acrylic, semi-abstract, landscape, mixed media
Making a satin mix.
blog, layers, art, painting, acrylic, semi-abstract, mixed media
One with iridescence, one without.

Avoiding a dead gray

Since mixing the colours together to form grays kills the magic, I prefer to keep them pure and separate. Using airtight containers, I add a fifty-fifty mix of regular gel gloss and liquid gel matt with some iridescence and a small amount of pigment for the first thin layers. Thin is good. Each layer allows the other to show through eventually blending into a glowing surface.

blog, layers, art, painting, acrylic, landscape, semi-abstract, mixed media
One thinner, one thicker.
blog, layers, art, painting, landscape, semi-abstract, mixed media
Gloves are essential.

Other layers

In addition to the basic two hues, I throw in a layer of metallic, either gold or silver. A particularly beautiful combination is PB green shade with QBO and gold. Awesome! This later ties in with the circles I use at the end and determines whether I use gold or silver leaf.

blog, layers, art, painting, landscape, semi-abstract, mixed media
A vibrant gray.
blog, layers, art, painting, landscape, acrylic, semi-abstract, mixed media
Texture and glow.

Awesome results

In the end the highly-textured surface catches the colours in various quantities and produces an exciting debut for the forthcoming masterpiece. Yes, well, perhaps. Life is full of surprises.

Summer slow

If you missed my solo show at VASA this June you can still see a selection of my latest in my gallery “Inspirations” attached to my studio at 12936 108 Street Edmonton. Do give me a ring to make sure I am home (780-761-7262). En plein air along the river valley will preoccupy my time this summer.


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