One: Merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas” used to be the norm in these parts. We used to be proud of our Christian heritage. A few have complained about the greeting being offensive. We would not want to offend anyone, so “Seasons Greetings” caters to the lowest common denominator and supports the commercial side of things. The god of money must be appeased.

Merry Christmas, messiah, mystery, blog
Sketch and first mistake.

Cosmic intrusion

So, what do we mean when we wish everyone a very “Merry Christmas”? Is the baby the most important part? Is it about an two-thousand-year old Jesus event? I suspect most Christians do not know and therein lies the problem. We have not been taught about the cosmic intrusion this celebration commemorates. The historic moment is enough.

Merry Christmas, messiah, mystery, blog
Ready for first proofs.

History is not enough

Unfortunately, history is not enough. We want everything to relate to the here and how. It has to be relevant for us to take notice. God is long ago or far away and therefore irrelevant.

Merry Christmas, messiah, mystery, blog

Awe inspiring

What if Christmas is about here and now? God, here and now. Imagine a God so close to each of us she breaks through the barriers we imagine are there, every time we stand in awe. Babies do that. They inspire awe. My new granddaughter embodies innocence and joy. It is hard to resist. As I melt before her smile, something otherworldly, something cosmic touches me.

Merry Christmas, messiah, mystery, blog
Too many tweaks.

Christmas is a cosmic caress

Christmas is about this divine touch, this cosmic caress. It is God’s blessing available to everyone. God brakes through the barriers to let us know we are good, all creation is good. It is not about being perfect, rather it is about being. And there is no one way to be. She wants us to know we are loved beyond all measure and without limits. She invites us to celebrate our goodness, our loveliness, our being with her, through her, in her.

Merry Christmas, messiah, mystery, blog
Final version

Merry Christmas

Let us make merry, celebrating the beauty of diversity within this jewel of a planet. Rejoice in the cosmic caress this season invites us to receive. Open to the love our world so desperately needs. Merry Christmas everyone.


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