mixed media

Connections: Mixed media

Mixed media means acrylic and…

Acrylic makes mixed media possible. It is so flexible. For example mixes may include ink, tissue paper, watercolour pencil, gold lea. All bind with acrylic gels. Our imagination becomes the only limit to possibility. Anything goes. So how did Karen get involved with yet another medium? Someone asked her to paint a mural.

Beginning with chaos

Murals not only taught Karen how to use acrylics they cured her of painting small. She explores random texture in this the second of her mixed media series “Connections”. More and more her style surrenders to serendipity. Accidental drips and drops on uneven surfaces create happy accidents.

Mixing it up

However, with the accidents, a challenge arises: moulding the image into what looks like planned happenings. Tissue paper occupies spaces to form rhythms and movement. In addition carefully selected drawings, usually of women, grace focal points in twos or threes. As well, tin foil fills out the pools of water or a mountain in the distance. Once the spaces and the colour provide their proper balance Karen adds the final touches. Poetry and bible verses hidden in the twists of paint finish the work. An isolation coat and two layers of varnish protect it.