Mixing Awesome Grays

Mixing awesome discoveries

Running out of paint has several advantages the most important of which is the chance to experiment with new colours. Mixing new colours leads to awesome discoveries.

A few choice combos

New colours include some I have not tried. Usually the unused tubes are mixtures such as “Teal” or “Hunters’ Green”. Most of the time I prefer mixing pure colours. Pure colours give me a more vibrant and predictable result. In the ensuing experimentation I discovered several definite uglies and a few truly lovely hues. I am still into grays. Iridescent Turquoise with Quinacridone Burnt Orange is surprisingly beautiful although it is very close to the same result using Thalo Blue (green shade). I will be using the Turquoise as a drop colour among the finishing touches. Another combination with pleasant results was Dioxazine purple with Thalo Green (yellow shade).

Airtight containers

On the other hand the experiments using mixtures resulted largely in muddy, very unattractive grays. Quinacridone Magenta combined with Permanent Green Light showed up as almost acceptable yet the result with Thalo Green (blue shade) yielded a spectacular blend. All in all I spent several pleasant hours mixing colours. I do have one problem: no more airtight containers for my new grays…. Life is good!


Matching complimentary colours yields lovely grays.

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