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As the newsletter title hints, the foundation of Karen’s being is a mix of spirituality and creativity. Throw in a little science and one has an exotic concoction. While on this spiritual journey involving art, she shares both faith and artistic insights. “Creative Pilgrimage” tends toward a more commercial preoccupation with her latest creations, triumphs and upcoming events. In addition, she often shares testimonials from satisfied customers. With a click of a button the viewer taps into her latest shows and upcoming events be they local, out of province or in another country. Another button allows the reader to consider supporting the artists financially.

Blending soul searching and paint, her canvases glow with the inner peace and joy incumbent in her spirit-led passion. Consequently, the invisible becomes visible. The newsletter includes links to her weekly blog “One” giving the reader an opportunity to enjoy the contemplative and sometimes amusing challenges and solutions within her creative process. “One” offers food for thought on some of the most challenging questions facing us today. Sharing her newsletter with friends and family is encouraged. Should you choose to sign up, the delivery of her newsletter to your inbox occurs around the first of each month*.

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