Nine-Foot Ceilings

Higher ceilings

I need nine-foot ceilings. Or ten. Or twelve! Eight is a little low…. I selected the image for the four foot square canvas I had already prepared. The first step is splatter and spraying. As I spray I turn the panel to encourage the drips and drops to dribble in different directions.

Collapsing walls

Therein lies the problem. The table is about three feet off the ground; the frame is four feet. Diagonally it is much longer so as I turn the surface, concentrating on the dribbles and trying to avoid tobbling my open jars of paint, I hit the ceiling. Then the light fixture. Then the plastic splatter wall. The paper clip holding the wall in place snapped off the railing and the plastic sagged onto my painting. This would not do!


Carefully replacing the canvas on the table I set about repositioning the sheeting. I needed more slack. Noticing the lack of splatter to the right I moved the whole sheet to the left forming a corner around the table. That gave me enough material to set the wall further back away from the table and the canvas. Glancing at the wet puddles forming on my painting I decided all is well. Life is good.


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Collapsing into wet paint!

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