One: Diversity

diversity, mixed media, semi-abstract, drips and drops, co-creation
Working with diversity

Diversity in abundance is the hallmark of this planet, this universe. Yet, as a human race, we tend to want uniformity. We want to reduce the wanton abandon around us to something we can control and understand. We have no faith in anything but ourselves and our human capacities.

Diversity is key

As an artist I struggle with this tendency, placing trees all the same size and equidistant from each other. Without the wanton abandon of drips and drops moving among the traces of texture, my work would look very ordered and way less interesting. Diversity in shape and colour is much easier to manage when I allow myself to co-create.

Part of daily routine

Part of my daily routine is scripture reading. I use a form of Lectio Divina which is a method of meditation. Reading the passages, I seek the message for me today and I try to apply it to my world. Recently, I reread  the Nunc Dimittis for the millionth time, and I burst into tears.

Now , Master, you are letting your servant go in peace as you promised, for my eyes have seen the salvation which you have made ready in the sight of the nations: a light of revelation to the gentiles and glory for your people Israel. Luke 2:29-32 New Jerusalem Bible

Christianity has twisted Christ’s teachings into a meritology club promising salvation for those who belong. The blinding light of revelation has been reduced to an ember, darkened by our misunderstanding and unwillingness to welcome the other. And the glory of Israel is lost in genocide, reducing diversity to something we can control and understand. How utterly sad.

A benevolent universe

 If we could embrace the teaching of incarnation, God becoming man and thus declaring all creation good, we would begin to see the connectedness, the interdependence of everyone and everything in all of the universe. In fact, the more we reduce diversity, the less likely we will survive. Co-creation is so much healthier. It does demand our trust and willingness to be open.

Science unblocking the way

diversity, drips and drops, chaos, mixed media, semi-abstract
Looking good

We live in exciting times. Change is threatening to many yet there is nothing to fear. Science delving into the mysteries of the universe has come to the same conclusion: diversity is essential. In the meantime, I will keep painting in what looks like chaos. I will endeavour to love well and treat the diversity of creation with respect and patience. All is well and life is good.


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