One: Ecclectique

Ecclectique, drawing, celebration, critiquing, art

Google tells me Ecclectique is spelled incorrectly. It would be true if it were not a name, the title of a very eclectic group of women artists who gather to celebrate birthdays and achievements.

Ecclectique celebrates

Celebration has never been my strength. I am generally a serious person who allows her frivolous side to show on rare occasions. I do have a sense of humour. And, yes, I do take time to celebrate birthdays for family members. Ecclectique is another matter. The celebrations are outside of my circle of obligation.

Fun is a “waste of time”

Ecclectique, drawing, art, still life, celebration,
Lovely to get lost for a while

In order to accommodate Ecclectique gatherings, called about twice or three times per year, I must decide to allow myself some fun. Perhaps what I do on a daily basis is enough fun for me. I suspect it has more to do with the perennial notion of “a waste of time”. This notion has encumbered my practice of creating beautiful and meaningful images for most of my artistic life. I suspect I extended it to fun at some point.

Handmade birthday cards

So, although I have trouble releasing past notions that no longer serve me, I agreed to be present today. I do enjoy the wonderful sojourns into other artforms. The hostess always provides an exploratory exercise. Such fun. As well, Ecclectique provides some critique on paintings we choose to share. Very useful. Handmade birthday cards have become the tradition.

Ecclectique is about food too

Ecclectique, good food, good friends, fellowship,
Eating and admiring my new poetry book

As a result, this blog will be published a little later than usual, sometime tonight. I will take photos of our gathering, the gifts, the exercise and the critique and, perhaps the Ecclectique members. In the meantime, I hasten out to my studio to create some birthday cards for beautiful people before we head off for church.

Do check out the upcoming events in November. It happens to be a very busy month.


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