One: Inspirations

neomosaic, mixed media, inspirations, landscape, semiabstract
Inspirations is ready to inspire!

Sometimes inspirations seem to flee the country. So it is with this week’s blog. Perhaps it has to do with my low energy level or the lack of studio time. After today’s stint at the easel things have improved somewhat, still rather tired.

Lack of routine

neomosaic, mixed media, inspirations, landscape, semiabstract
Coffee is on!

Routine is lack of routine. Between conflicting schedules, we managed to spend time with all three grandchildren this week and attend the Easter Triduum. For those who do not follow the Catholic rite, the Triduum is a single celebration spread out over three days beginning with Thursday evening and the last supper. Friday afternoon remembers the Crucifixion of Jesus and the Saturday vigil takes place usually around nine at night with candlelight. My favorite. Easter Sunday is a separate celebration the next day.

A tour of my gallery

neomosaic, mixed media, inspirations, landscape, semiabstract
The other end.

Yesterday was kept simple although we had some guests for supper along with one of our daughters. She helped cap and label the wine we had just finished making before the guests arrived. It was a lovely evening topped off with a tour of my gallery “Inspirations”.


With my upcoming solo in November my production rate has filled the gallery with new work. Unfortunately, the pace will not meet the deadline if I wish thirty new paintings by the end of October. It is looking particularly dismal this week as we have an appointment with the accountant tomorrow and we leave for Calgary on Friday. An option is working in the evening or the afternoon instead of the morning. At least there is an option!

Getting things done

neomosaic, mixed media, inspirations, landscape, semiabstract
Making progress

Even with a doctor’s appointment this afternoon I managed to get the paperwork done for my upcoming workshops on greeting cards. Now all that is left to do is purchase the remainder of the supplies and pack the goods for transportation. Tomorrow I will take the afternoon to paint. I do not seem to have any problem with painting inspirations. Tis a good thing…


“Inspirations” is looking fine these days. Besides my gallery you can see my work at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Keep up to date by checking my website for the latest.


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