One: interference

interference, Devenir, opening, blog, workshop
One almost finished and another started.

Running interference is the name of the game these days. I must admit I enjoy the challenge. Instead of going into overwhelm I have taken on the task of too many projects within too short a deadline and wondering how much I will accomplish. Exciting stuff! Secretly I wish to accomplish everything, while my negative Nelly remains cynical.

interference, Devenir, opening, blog, workshop
All in a row


In the midst of production for my new series “One”, I have added a workshop on mixed media which will take place at CAVA on October 27thbetween 1pm and 3pm. I am preparing some panels for about ten students and collecting materials for them to play.

interference, Devenir, opening, blog, workshop
Behind the workshop, two of the thirty

Painting frenzy

Along with the workshop, Devenir has decided to challenge its members to a production frenzy: thirty paintings in thirty days on paper. I love paper. Although the diminished size of eight by eight inches with a one-inch border reduces the dimensions to six by six inches, I am still fussing too much. My control issues interfere with the fun. Watch for the results beginning October 25thon Instagram and Collective Devenir in Facebook.

Christmas interference

Another very time-consuming project is in the wings: Christmas cards. I hope to have the series of one hundred completed by November 15thin order to package them for sale. Still have to ask permission to do that at VASA during the Member Show in December. This project has material interference happening. I am short on the metallic border and I am not sure where to get more. And I do not wish to go shopping. In the meantime, the finished samples are looking lovely. No photo! You will have to wait for the show.

Solving a problem

Getting back to my new series “One”, I wanted to share how I solved the problem of varnish interference. The varnish glues the canvas edges on the back of the paintings to the surface of the table. If I have overdone the finishing coats it can be quite difficult to remove the painting without damaging the canvas. Lately I have simple suspended the work on four stir sticks, one at each corner, allowing enough room for the drip.

Life is good

Two of the new series are still showing at CAVA until the 9thNovember. The differences are subtle yet significant. My artist statement for my solo show at VASA in November next year will explain everything. Until then, maybe you can see the new slant on an old theme. Life is full. Running interference is fun. All is well.


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