One: Muse

With the muse on vacation I do preparation work.
New work everywhere.

Lately my muse has taken a holiday. Circumstances have interfered with my sense of balance. In order for circumstances to interfere, I must be less than grounded. When I ground myself well in who I am and what I do, little can disrupt my equilibrium. It is a choice. I choose to focus on the positive therefore the holiday will be short.

Discovering my muse is absent

Wiring does not require a muse.
Wiring is one museless task

To begin with, I fail to recognize the imbalance. I just know my muse is absent. Giving it time to readjust I plunge into the myriad of less challenging tasks filling my studio. I put aside the painting causing me to ponder and take up painting edges on those finished pieces. 

When is finished finished?

Separating items for workshops.
Sorting things for workshops

In my world, finished has several stages of completion. When the main image satisfies my muse, I declare it finished. Most people assume that means it is ready to hang for sale. Not so.

Tasks not needing my muse

I need my muse for this one.
Relegated to the corner

Sometimes for the small ones, the wire at the back is in place. I need it to hang on the easel as I work. Most of the time I need to install the wire. Once I complete the edges, I again pronounce the piece “finished”. However, I add the metallic circles, the poetry and the Bible quote at this point.

More tasks

Meditative work.
DEVENIR’s project

Then there is the photography, the varnishing, the labeling, the protective cover and its label, the inventory number and bookkeeping none of which requires my muse. Finally it is done.


A hanger for our project.
Straightening a pole.

Another project in the wings is the preparation of canvases for upcoming projects. Texturing, gessoing and glow layers are all necessary chores not needing my muse. I could sweep or vacuum, prepare workshops, water the plants. For the past few days I have been working on the development of a DEVENIR exhibition, one stitch at a time. Still in the early stages, we will probably reject the pilot as we search for an easier way to present our idea.

My muse is back on Monday.

My muse will be back on Monday. She does not like to be away too long. And the circumstances? Well, we will resolve them, one at a time.


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