One: Organisation

Organisation of materials before the students arrive.
Ready to go

Organisation is essential for good teaching and teaching has not been part of my repertoire for a while. CAVA asked me to provide a workshop “Techniques pour média mixtes” on October 27th. To tell the truth, I was nervous.

Organisation is essential

Organisation is a top priority. Stumbling through lists of materials, trying to decide what to include in this massive subject, left me with two boxes of equipment and scraps to carry. Not wishing to stray too far from what I do, I chose to go into texture as well as different paint.


One of the dangers of sharing equipment when delving into an acrylic based exercise is accidently leaving tools to dry on the table. Excitement springs from discovery. Tossing something aside to move more quickly into the next step instead of putting it in water results in loss. Occasionally, when I have two containers in which to throw a brush laden with paint, I choose the empty one.  The next day, the fibers are solidly united as one. Fortunately, there is a repair for brushes.


Consequently, I provided two containers of water, one for the texture tools and one for the brushes. The secret with brushes dipped in acrylic is to keep them immersed in water. One of the reasons we use cheap brushes. Another secret is to have the water level just below the top of the feral so it does not damage the wood in the handle. Hence the ice cream bucket for the tools and a yogurt container for the brushes.

Lesson plan

Teaching also requires a lesson plan so the teacher does not get lost…. Grabbing a scrap piece of paper, I jotted down the order in which I would present the techniques and threw it in the box.

Two hours fly by

 Two hours is not a lot of time. Arriving early, I set to the organisation of the stations for each participant as well as my own. Since we did not have a full contingent, I used the extra space to set out the prepared tissue paper and the extra cardboard pieces we were to use. Ready to go.

Happy workshop

Thankfully, the organisation paid off and the clients spent a happy workshop playing with materials. Then they asked for notes. We had covered a lot of ground. Once home, I wrote them up and sent them out to the one who gave me her email. Now I have everything ready for the next time. All is well.

My CAVA show is still on for this week. Do drop in.


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