One: Preparation

Awaiting development

Preparation, no matter how well organized, can go astray. Mice and … well, you know. Stress causes cold sores. At least in me. I did enjoy the holidays. And last week has been productive. I just forgot to look at my schedule before I said yes. Of course, applying for a show does not guarantee entrance. Not all exhibitions are showing the same series either. It is just that I forgot to look…

Lots of shows

Knowing I have a possible show for every month except July and December this year gives me heartburn when I am surprised by something new. It really is not that bad. I mean the solo shows in September and November will provide new work for other shows along the way. No need to panic.

Preparation is slow

Another phenomenon within preparation is the seeming non-progress as I begin developing a new body of work. Lately it has been a series of days waiting for paint to dry. First the molding paste. Then the gesso mix. Followed by each layer of thin pure pigment. Lately I have been throwing paint at the surface in various locations depending upon the underlying value or darkness of the piece.

Beginning to quickly

Excitedly I thought the preparation was complete and I decided which of the four panels would be my first enterprise. About to install it on the easel, I had forgotten to wire the stretcher. Quickly taking out the tools I twisted in the four screws on the smaller pieces. At last, I could begin putting in the shapes…

Over the edges

A new development arose as I finished the last series.  Finalizing the edges of each work proves easier when the initial drips and drops are done at the same time as the main surface. So much easier. Occasionally very little needs adding to the initial drips and drops to complete the illusion of continuity. So taking the canvas off the easel again I began the drips and drops to the edges.

Fourteen prepped

All in all, my preparation includes fourteen partially prepared canvases with two of them ready for the throwing exercise and four more awaiting the development of the image. I promised myself at least three images per month. The first four measure thirty-six by sixty and thirty-six by thirty inches. So I am not sure I can meet my commitment as I only have one more week to complete before life takes a curve again.

Calming down

Breathe deeply. Paint slowly and carefully. The preparation is solid and all else follows easily… One can dream anyway. Life is so good.

The CAVA show is still on. Do drop in.


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