One: Sidelines

sidelines, mixed media, abstract, paper
A good way to start the day

Sidelines are creative activities filling the time and space of drying paint. Much time could be lost to the drying process. Instead I use it to further other projects or experiments in media on different surfaces.

DEVENIR inspired

sidelines, mixed media, abstract, paper
One of the 8x8x30

DEVENIR inspired a project on paper which has continued at a slower pace than one per day. Certainly, the little six by six-inch paintings require drying time as well between layers. Having completed a couple of dozen on paper it is time to take it to other supports, perhaps terraskin, or yupo.

Family tree

sidelines, genealogy, scrapbooking, telling tales
A pocket for more information and a story to begin.

One very time consuming endeavour is a family tree of sorts. Instead of the usual series of non-identified photos strung in a series across a page in an album, I have begun to gather selected photos with the intent to create a family tree wherein I add some choice remembered family legends as they were related to me by my aunt and my mother. 

Each person gets a page or two

sidelines, genealogy, scrapbooking, telling tales
Sometimes there are not a lot of images from which to choose

Beginning with the oldest photos, I relate how each couple produced certain children who have contributed to the creation of my grandchildren. The very oldest photos date from 1823 and I have realized some families gave more priority to recording their family history in this way than others. Perhaps it was a matter of money. Perhaps time. In any case, once the great (great) grandparents are complete, I devote one or two pages to each of their children eventually coming down to people I know and recognize.

Family legends and greeting cards

Other sidelines include choosing a family legend and creating a colouring book of about ten pages for the younger set for Christmas. In the same vein, this year’s Christmas card will be getting some attention too as it takes a while to design, cut the lino and print.

My muse prefers various sidelines

One would think I would have enough to do with the production of thirty or so paintings for my solos later in the year. Indeed, these are my priority. The sidelines, however, keep me focused and engaged. My muse is delightfully titillated by something off the track or in the midst of untraveled territory. In other words, variety is the spice of my life.

Framing for coming events

Now that the VASA show is coming to an end we can look forward to another show at CAVA at the end of February. I will have about a dozen paintings from the Whimsy series there. Framing will be among the sidelines I choose to do while watching paint dry in the coming weeks.


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