One: Unseen

mixed media, semi-abstract, paper, unseen,
Behind it all

A lot of what I do goes unseen. Those who pay attention to my work notice the symbolism carved into the texture. In the past I have highlighted quite a few circles so anyone glancing in their direction might wonder at their presence. Recently, I have chosen a gentler approach. The circles are still there, they are just not as obvious.

Sharing joy

One of the main reasons I paint is to share with others my joy. Joy resides in the knowing I am not alone. This knowing releases me from believing I own the entire responsibility of making the world a better place in which to live. I am free to be me and to do what I can.

Unseen Love

Another reason, subtler in nature, is to share what I know. Part of what I know remains hidden. We cannot measure the unseen or experience it in intellectual ways.  To approach the unseen, one must pass through the heart. I love this planet and all of creation. I love the One who created it. Most of my understanding and my language comes from a Christian perspective. My knowing, however, is not limited by any one religion.

Our common home

Out of my concern for our common home, I rail at the feeling of powerlessness when I discover something else unseen, something deliberately hidden and evil. Recently I participated in a webcast in which a young man, Isaac “Asume” Osuoka, delineated the findings of a report about the source of conflict and forced migration in Nigeria. I very much dislike knowing I am part of the reason such things occur. I am responsible because nothing is isolated.

unseen, Development and Peace, corporate greed,
Development and Peace Webcast


Much of what Mr. Osuoka had to say concerned the oil industry, mining and the poisoning of waterways and air. Basically, the civil unrest has nothing to do with religious differences which is what we read in the media. Rather, it is about starvation, illness and northern hemisphere greed. Religion is, in fact, used to perpetrate unrest so the rape of resources can continue for our benefit here.

Perpetrated unrest

I would assume perpetrated unrest funded by the powers that be has a similar source in any African country with rich resources. Generous northern benefactors have released the poorer countries from their “debt” simply because there is nothing to gain from squeezing blood from stone. In 2006 Nigeria negotiated a deal to pay off their initial debt of eleven billion to the Paris Club by paying a lump sum of twelve billion on the accumulated amount owing of forty billion. Somehow the math does not add up and I do not see their banking partners as being charitable. (Not that any bank is charitable.)


Unseen and unheard, these facts are hidden from our view because one would not want the truth known lest the profits be reduced. Profit is the main motivation behind the war games. For my part, I will continue to raise awareness in hopeful anticipation of the moment when we unite against corporate greed for the benefit of everyone. We are in this together.


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