One: Neomosaic

Neomosaic begins in chaos. My husband conceived the name. Trusting the spaces provided by chance, I carefully place colour, dark or light. Out of chaos unity develops while maintaining the diversity. All becomes one.

Everything is linked to “One”

All is one. Physics brings us closer to this realization as it discovers quarks and gluons, previously unknown phenomena. Everything links and has influence on everything else. We do not live in isolation. In this series I suggest the glue holding everything together as one is the Creator of it all. God is not separate either. Consequently, She resides within Her creation, suffering as we do, laughing and loving along with us.

Unity is healthy

The illusion of our separateness must dissolve for us to move forward to a healthier world. Hopefully the beauty in abundant diversity resonates in my work and in the soul of those who connect to it. Beauty is the means by which I choose to bring us all closer together. Unity is the goal, for we are all one.

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