Sacred: Mixed Media

Everything is Sacred

“God saw all that he had made and it was very good.” Gen 1:31

Everything is sacred. Sin is sacred.

Thin places

My ambition with every work is to create a space where people can meet the divine. Celtic tradition called these opportunities “thin places”. According to the Celts heaven and earth are usuallyonly three feet apart . Thinness meant the division between the divine and the mundane becomes translucent, even transparent. Thin places provide a space where the divine can touch us and we can touch the divine.

Sacred symbols

Within my paintings holy symbols abound. The divine is what binds our world and undergirds my creations. The glow beneath the image represents the Cosmic Christ who created everything and invites us to join him/her in the dance of co-creation. The circles flow in and out, some visible and some invisible, just as the Holy Spirit flows, ever present, not always recognized.


And so, everything is holy. In its capacity to teach us, sin is sacred too. My greatest, most profound lessons in life came out of the confusion and pain of mistakes and their consequences. God has used everything for good. Great suffering yields great transformation if we allow it. Transformation produces the possibility of union. We become one with our Creator and all her creation. Thin places.

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