Sharing Information


Occasionally an interested visitor enters my studio and asks the question: “How do you do that?” One of my greatest pleasures in life is sharing information. I am positive I usually share far more than the poor, unsuspecting person may have expected so when he or she begins to yawn I curtail the details. Details are delightful and meant for workshops.

Getting excited

I get so excited when I explain how I do things. Enthusiasm carries me away at times. I love what I do. I love how I do it. And, yes, I am more than happy to show you the ins and outs of the process I use. Am I worried you may steal my idea? Not really.


Creative people tend to absorb the ideas of others as they recreate them into something unique. My idea is not truly mine. An evolution of acquired information other artists have shared with me along the way give me the results I enjoy. We stand on the shoulders of others. Yet no two artists express ideas in the same way. My results are unique because I am unique; my story is unique. There is no one quite like me. I love the variety of the world in which we live. So many different colours beautify our days, our ideas, our walls. Life is so good.

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The first of four large pieces in this series.

Upcoming Workshop

The Redwater Art Society is offering a one day workshop on Abstracts. I will be demonstrating in acrylics but I encourage everyone to bring their favourite medium. No solvents please. This is an introduction to a vast subject. Scheduled for October 15th, classes begin at 10am.


Two of my “Wildwood” series will be showing in Vancouver shortly (September 6th to 18th) in the Federation of Canadian Artists “Scenes from Western Canada” (1241 Cartwright St.) If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, do drop in. For other events see Events and Latest Happenings.


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