How does one measure success? Does it depend on sales? Does it depend on average income? Is personal satisfaction measurable? There comes a point where each artist must decide for him or herself what exactly is the definition. It varies from personality to personality. It had been a very long time since I had sold any studio paintings. Certainly, a few sketches and some commissions had wandered out my door. The exhibitions on the other had been very quiet. Teaching assignments kept the bills paid. (Although artists live in a magical world, the bills do not magically vanish!). Over the years I wondered if I were to continue in this unappreciated passion. The decision to continue came from a knowing within: I am not happy unless I am creating. The creation process does not rely on others’ opinions, nor does it build its base on monetary gain. Creation is a soul process, a fountain of youth, a sustaining spirit. My success has come from my decision to paint, come what may. I am delighted this weekend has brought some financial benefits and I will continue to paint, come what may. Life is so good.

A very popular item at the CAVA opening

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  1. That is why I paint, it’s my passion! It is nice to have appreciation for my hard work but that is not why I do it. Maybe someday I will get good enough to sell some but
    that is not my goal however it would be an encouragement! Most people don’t appreciate the time and cost therefore don’t want to pay!

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