One: Supplanted

When the painting takes over I feel certain elements of design have supplanted me and my intentions. Choosing a photo as inspiration is the usual first step in the development of an image. There is something there, catching my eye. A little notan study helps me identify the essence.

supplanted, mixed media, notan, semi-abstract, surrender
Some of this, some of that.

Notan: supplanted already

With my latest painting the notan was just the beginning. I had trouble seeing the rhythm. Not satisfied with either study I decided to use a combination of the two. This marked the first stage of my supplanted position.

Following the usual path

Leaving the photo behind I followed the trails of dripping paint and the chasms of texture as usual. The result showed a sweeping eternity symbol between the contrasted areas of light and dark. My muse awakened.

supplanted, mixed media, semi-abstract, surrender
A different path.

Carried away

Standing back to view the results I decided to go with the flow. Completely ignoring my photo reference, I concentrated on the best of the notan. Rhythm, movement and contrast carried me away as I enhanced the colour combinations.

supplanted, mixed media, semi-abstract, surrender
From the edge

Out of control

Supplanted, not quite in control, I continue to follow the movements knowing everything will change with the next additions of colour, bright and bold. After all, it is fall. Far from done the canvas awaits my next studio session. Titleless and poemless, the image beckons me to sit for a while. Just be.

Lots of shows

Just one of the many paintings earmarked for the upcoming exhibition opening at CAVA on October 5th. I have a few other paintings on the go for that show too. In the meantime don’t miss out on the Mezzanine at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Or “Abundance” in the Kiwanis Gallery in Red Deer. More info can be found here.


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