One: Surrender

“Do not harden your hearts…” Ps 95:8, Heb 3:8,15

Surrender is a new beginning

Surrender inspires connotations of failure. In our confrontational world, someone has to lose. We are just beginning to understand there is a third way, the way of love, where everyone wins.

War is not the answer 

Surrendering to love is the heart of non-violence. The non-violent stance requires enormous courage. Our world today does not understand a non-violent approach. When opposition surfaces, we stand in our truth without walking or running away. The other does the same. In this position, one against the other, war is birthed. War is the stance in which everyone loses.

Standing in love

War, however, is not inevitable. If we allow our hearts to soften enough to receive the other’s truth, if we listen with love, the third possibility shows itself. By holding both points of view in the tension they create, we shift. Opposition is no longer threatening but rather an opportunity. The shift is surrender and allowing the Spirit to move in another direction.

Vulnerability requires courage

Since everything is connected only one need surrender to affect the other. Love is a powerful force. When our opposition sees respect and consideration in us, they are called to do the same. Courage is required. Vulnerability the key. Not everyone can entertain this path. We may get hurt. Self-preservation is a very strong instinct.

We are not alone

Yet if we manage to stay the course the world changes for the better. So instead of bitter words I resolve to smile; instead of hiding my tears will show my hurt. In my hurt I choose to forgive and continue to stand in love and vulnerability. And Love will strengthen my weakness. We are not alone.

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2 Replies to “One: Surrender”

  1. Karen, I think this is beautiful. I posted this on my FB page (public setting) and wrote this in response:

    Karen Blanchet’s reflections on suffering and surrender are beautiful. Living fully, to me, means embracing the joy and pain that comes our way and understanding the goodness and the flaws inside of us. They all live side by side in our souls. They can be uncomfortable with and suspicious neighbours of each other or they can try to understand each other moving beyond judgement to a place of growth, peacefulness and greater balance in our internal neighbourhood.

    1. Thank you so much Paul for your thoughtful comments. I am always amazed at how my words touch people. I am so thankful for my mentor Richard Rohr. There is a quiet revolution in progress. 🙂

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