One: Life

Devenir, challenge, mixed media, life, paper
Jardin des pleuvres

Life gets in the way sometimes. Occasionally I imagine I have control over my world and what I might do on any given day. Reality swiftly disrupts this notion. I have a choice. I can resist and go down kicking and screaming. Or I can go with the flow and see where it might lead me.

Unfolding fascination

The last few weeks have been fascinating as the DEVENIR thirty-day challenge unfolds. To being with I thought I needed thirty finished paintings, so I did groups of eight at a time. No way could I finish a painting in one day. Get real! I have been sharing the dozen or so “finished” paintings on Instagram. Some I like, some I do not.

Devenir, mixed media, challenge, life, paper
Dragon’s Lair

Less control

When I got down to the task of painting a painting a day, things changed. As the days followed, one after the other, I noticed a certain abandon in procedure. Less about control and more about discovery. Play is not part of my repertoire usually and I was having fun as the drops of liquid paint hit the surface and did their thing. So cool!

Mixed media, life, Devenir, Challenge, paper
Seeing Things


Lately I have taken up playing with strips of paper and the idea of divine presence sustaining everything. How does one represent divine presence on paper, or any other surface? As usual, the more control I exert, the less interesting the painting. Perhaps the process will lead me to where I want to go. Maybe I will discover something altogether new. Life has a way of stepping in and changing the route.

Life happens

So instead of spending my Saturday morning in the studio, I picked up my paintings at CAVA and went grocery shopping, something I have been putting off for several weeks. I needed a few things as we were expecting our grandchildren and a few guests in the evening for supper around the fire pit.

Devenir, challenge, mixed media, paper, life
Shadow Dance

Going with the flow

As it turned out I was the one, with the help of a wonderful young man, doing the cooking and taking it back inside to those comfortably seated in our living room. They missed out on a truly lovely evening outside. The fire was perfect for cooking. And for sm’ores a little while later. I so enjoyed watching the flames. I think I have pyro tendencies.

A curve or two

Life took a real curve today with the grandkids for breakfast, church and helping out at an art show in the afternoon. Attempting to write my blog with eyelids slamming shut and the realisation I have not painted my painting today, I wonder about how I might regain some control. Perhaps I will just go to bed instead. Have a wonderful week…


One: Challenge

challenge, mixed media, paper, space
Through the Tangle

So, I got the challenge all wrong. What I understood meant one painting a day for thirty days. Consequently, I started early.

Managing the challenge

Preparing the paper, I tore it into eight by eight-inch pieces. I prefer ragged edges. Several panels of quarter-inch plywood which I use for drawing boards, graced the table. Taking the one-and-one-half-inch masking tape, I carefully measured the one-inch border. There we have it! The painting is only six by six now. A lesser challenge perhaps.

Challenge, mixed media, semi-abstract, Devenir
Hope Shines Forth

Not so easy

One would think this would be easy. I discovered it takes me two days to complete one image. Double the time. I would have to speed things up. Using eight panels at a time I could not resist using watercolour to begin. After all, it was paper we were using. Once dry, I mucked about with some molding paste and ended up with drips of acrylic. Lovely abstract accidents lay before me. 

Challenge, mixed media, semi-abstract, Devenir
Inspire of Opposition

Grouping production

Very conscious of the time and how far I had fallen behind, I quickly finished four that day. Yes, I thought, I could manage this.

The phone call

Then we had the phone call. DEVENIR gets together once per week via Skype to discuss projects, be accountable to one another and inspire our creative future. Carefully explaining things again one of our members said it was not about finished work. Rather, the exercise led us to discover new territory in daily experiments with new materials or using familiar materials in new ways. One painting per day beginning October 25th.

Challenge, mixed media, semi-abstract, Devenir
Into the Storm

More paper

Backing up I took a new look at what I had already done. Nice little pieces. I will use them for something else. How to frame them? I will figure that out later too. Returning to my paper stash I extracted three new sheets of Arches watercolour paper and tore new pieces of eight by eight leaving several six by eights. Left overs, just the right size for greeting cards. Not quite ready yet I took out the masking tape and established the borders once again. Eight panels ready to go. Life is full of adventure! You can follow our challenge progress on Facebook both on my page BlanchetFineArts or on DEVENIR’s page where each artist will be posting her work in an album once per week. So fun.

Event page

Don’t forget to check out my events page. The CAVA show is still on and the VASA Member Show is on the horizon for December.