One: Focus

focus, multitasking, workshops, neomosaic, mixed media,
Almost finished….

Multitasking is my middle name. I am not as good at it as I used to be. Something to do with age and memory. Focus could be another reason. Lately my focus has scattered in all directions as I reset my priorities.

New Priorities

focus, multitasking, workshops, neomosaic, mixed media,
November waits…

First of all, I still require time to complete my major task of providing about thirty paintings for a solo show in November. And, fortunately, I have been invited to present four workshops in May. As well, some new customers wish me to provide some preliminary sketches for a large commission. We have not settled on a deadline for this so it will slip into the background for now.

commissions, multitasking, workshops, neomosaic, mixed media,
The hills are alive

Focus on Workshops

focus, multitasking, workshops, neomosaic, mixed media,
More prep…

The last time I presented these workshops was about five or more years ago. I gave most of my materials away because I decided I would no longer entertain school residencies. Well, the workshops are not for children. My clientele is at the other end of the spectrum. Thankfully the class is limited to ten.  Much less to prepare, yet quite enough to fill many hours. The real positive in all this is I will be well equipped again. I do intend to continue. I have missed teaching.

Revamping Website

In the midst of all this activity I decided to revamp my website. It has long waited for some overdue attention. In spite of a huge lack of technological expertise I have found the exercise less demanding than expected. Nevertheless, there is much yet to do. My intention is to again attempt the round of applications to commercial galleries. We will see how that manifests. 


Devenir, multitasking, workshops, neomosaic, mixed media,
Repetitive exercise

DEVENIR is beginning a new project. We have the elements but not the final product. While a new venture is always exciting, the discussions, finding materials and deciding on a format all takes time. I am delighted I am not doing this alone! So fun.

Babysitting gives me time

Another focus for me is babysitting my granddaughter once per week. Delightfully helpful this toddler is quite willing to help me with yard work, shopping, laundry or any other household task. She will provide me with the time to complete any necessary indoor/outdoor tasks as we wait for planting season.

New life

focus, multitasking, workshops, neomosaic, mixed media,
Making progress nonetheless

All in all, life is good. Spring energizes the atmosphere and everything breathes in the new life.

Focusing on thankfulness will steady my keel as I set my sails for new horizons. Wishing everyone an excellent week.


One: Mastermind

mastermind, accountability, focus, creativity

Gridded amber dots contrasted with glowing diamond strings, white lit sparkles draped across the somber land. The sun had not yet risen. Light clusters in various colours, mostly blue and gold organized around community centres, businesses readying for the day. Vast collections arrayed on either side melting into farmland along the delta. As our plane approached the Vancouver airport we could make out the river trails watering quilt patches stretching into the sea. I miss living by the water and smelling the salt in the air.

Mastermind meeting

Once per year my mastermind meets in the flesh. It is an accountability trip in some respects. We have been meeting for nine years, once per week on Skype, once per year on location. The location changes. This year it is Las Vegas. Accountability remains important to us. It is easy to hide on Skype, not so easy as we gaze into each other’s eyes. We continue to ask pointed questions and smell out the rubbish. The honesty keeps us coming back. The commitment to grow endures.

Personal Growth

According to some a mastermind lasts for about six years. We are veterans. Slipping into mundane, routine, other-pleasing roles is far too easy. Remaining true to our callings requires an Other eye. We are fortunate to have such varied talents, strong wills and clear minds. The truth sometimes hurts and it begs the question, “Why does this upset me?” One of the benefits of belonging is the safety, love and honesty we have created. Although difficult to open to necessary changes we recognize the importance of growth.


Growth includes holding the tension. We do not always agree yet we allow the space essential to freedom of expression. It is safe yet challenging. I come away with some homework to do and a new insight into myself every time.


So now I wait. My flight has been changed and I am not at all sure of meeting my connecting flight in Vancouver. Las Vegas has been fun. I learned how to dolphin dive in the always cool pool. Once again, my mastermind has pushed me to go beyond my current state of being, claiming my space in this world more fully. I wonder what this year will bring. Life is so good.