One: Balancing

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Balancing precariously

More than usual this year requires attentive balancing between projects and exhibitions. As you can see my work space has run out of room as I balance cutting boards on top of other projects and gel containers.

All at the same time

Commitments come in groups like customers entering through a shop door. Have you noticed that? We all arrive at the same time wanting undivided attention from the store clerk. Somehow, we are attached to the same clock, at least subconsciously. For the artist, submissions are sent out regularly. Exhibition spaces, however, have a habit of choosing the same month to show one’s work.


balancing, framing, mixed media, blog
Covering my inspiration space

At the moment framing has taken over one table and overflowed onto my 6x6in inspiration space. Once I have the paintings framed, they are equipped with a 6mm plastic sleeve which is stiff enough for ease of handling and strong enough to protect the painting. Twenty of these will be showing at the CAVA exhibition in Edmonton, delivery date on the 12thFebruary. See my events calendar here.

Exchanging work

balancing, framing, new work, DEVENIR, mixed media
One of the Canmore paintings

Although framing is a priority, another exhibition, this time in Canmore, is first in line. DEVENIR has decided to enjoy a working retreat in Trochu this week where we will exchange paintings going to different places. We three from Edmonton will transport nine 40x40in and nine 24x24in canvases for the Three Sisters Gallery. The Calgary crew will hang the show beginning on the 28thFebruary. They will bring their paintings and mobiles to Trochu so we can mount the exhibition in the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre on the 21st. The opening reception will be on the 2ndof March for that one.

Balancing act

balancing, blog, mixed media, framing, exhibitions
Paint covering my framing area

So where does the balancing come in? It is all in the overlap. Paintings, of which there is a limited supply, must be available for the different venues for the entire time period. I must admit this fall presents more of a problem than this spring. So, when one of our members suggested we could fill the Salmon Arm exhibition with another forty-five paintings, no problem, I quickly looked at my schedule for August/September.

Two solos and an installation

I have two solos coming up this fall, one in Canmore again at the Three Sisters Gallery and one in St. Albert at VASA. I can get away with older paintings in Canmore, perhaps, although the ones showing this spring will not be available to show in the fall. St. Albert requires all new paintings. I guess the older ones can go to Salmon Arm. All is well both Canmore and Salmon Arm end around the same time in late September. New paintings in Canmore can be shown in St. Albert in November. Phew!!

New work

balancing, framing, mixed media, cocreation, blog
Picking out the spaces

In the meantime, I will be working on the twenty to thirty new paintings I need for VASA in St. Albert. Balancing my time between drying paint, framing, planning new exhibitions during the rest of the year, and all the other activities I do in my life will keep me busy and out of trouble. Nothing to worry about. Life is good.




Being artist involves more than paint. In the process of preparing for the opening of my new gallery and the tour of my studio several hours were spent cleaning out the old and hanging the new. I needed more black frames. A number of ink drawings from several years ago were occupying these items so I reconfigured the hardware to accommodate a portrait rather than a landscape layout and wrapped the drawings in plastic for display in a print rack. Looking at what might be part of the exhibition I delegated several paintings to display racks as well. In this case I took the frames apart completely. Unfortunately I cannot charge myself for the restocking fees as I added them to my inventory. I discovered I prefer my watercolours in a silver frame and as they will be showing shortly in the local library I have some more reframing to do. Besides reframing I did take out the vacuum cleaner and the dust rag along with the window cleaner. My house is not so tidy! Life is so good.

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Reframing pictures is just one of the many jobs an artist undertakes.