One: Moment

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Discussing the principles of art

When it comes to openings, being in the moment is crucial. Every visitor is important. The ambiance is the property of the artist or artists involved. We set the stage, create the space in which to share ideas, listen and pick up on new opportunities to form relationships.

DEVENIR in Stony Plain

moment, DEVENIR, collaboration, exhibitions, mixed media, neomosaic

Saturday afternoon DEVENIR opened their installation “Devenir” in the Multicultural Heritage Museum in Stony Plain. Bitterly cold, the day turned on the sun and lit up the beautiful room in which we had hung our mobiles and paintings. Those who braved the weather thoroughly enjoyed discovering the idea behind our presentation and stayed to chat at length. One person whipped out his phone and shared our invitation on his links, encouraging people to drop in.

In the moment

moment, DEVENIR, collaboration, exhibitions, mixed media, neomosaic

Being in the moment means forgetting about everything else on the schedule and focusing on the person or persons before me. Focus is the key. Fortunately, I do not find this part difficult. I love talking to strangers and entering forbidden conversations. To do this my aim is to create a safe space. Time is short so this has to be done quickly. Not everyone is open. Fear of offending or fear of judgement shuts down many fascinating conversations. Pity.


Relationships also require follow-up. Not so easy. As I step away from the moment, everything else on my schedule floods back with a vengeance, something like the incoming tide in a narrow inlet and I find myself submerged.

moment, DEVENIR, collaboration, exhibitions, mixed media, neomosaic
A lovely space

The next five minutes

Again, I turn to the moment. In these five minutes I can place a reminder on my computer for later if I cannot do the task immediately. Priority is given to the immediate. Although relax time is also an essential ingredient in the elixir of well-being, it may be wise to plan it more precisely rather than relying on feelings or lack of inspiration. Movies take a lot of time for example. I love watching movies. Perhaps limiting this fun thing to once or twice per week would be more profitable than every evening…

Take a little time to breathe

This present moment contains all the opportunity of a lifetime. Used wisely it can profit anyone willing to put in the effort. Effort is required to choose priorities, to organize, to let go of what may be less useful. Take a little time to breathe. Be thankful for the blue sky and sunshine, they may not be there tomorrow.


One: Wings

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Several years ago, our son phoned and asked me what animal spirit his father possessed. Apparently, the artist making the walking stick for his birthday needed to know. We decided the bear fit better than most. Since then I have considered my own and have come to the conclusion, wings are my thing; the eagle suits me.

Wings, installation, Devenir, RAFA
Wings for RAFA






Giving permission

Flying, however, is another matter. One needs permission to fly. Spreading my wings has come slowly. I would allow it occasionally then I would walk again. Lately, the view has been spectacular and the travel much quicker.


Belonging to a group of five artists determined to succeed offers certain challenges and advantages. The collective spirit of Devenir encourages sojourns into countries unknown. One such trip allowed us to create our popular exhibition “Devenir +” which just finished showing at Art Point in Calgary.

Wings, mobiles, installation, Devenir,
Art Point

Supporting the group

Another advantage to belonging is at least one member can usually help resolve conflicting schedules. Such was the case recently. With two of the three members from Edmonton unable to attend the take down of our show, I asked my ever-supportive husband to accompany me to Calgary. There, the four of us finished the job in one hour and we were back home in the early afternoon.

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My ever-supportive husband and I

Playing with wings

The latest idea offers everyone attending the RAFA Forum the possibility of trying on wings. This comes awfully close to playing, another activity I do not allow often. However, all five artists in Devenir have created a set of wings with a photo shoot in mind. Each is uniquely representative of the artist and all attendees can have their photo taken in front of one or several sets, testing the air and the personality, so to speak.

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Sylvie Van Bradant Prix d’excellence

To be announced

I am looking forward to the Forum. The winner of the Sylvie Van Brabant Prix d’excellence will be announced and we can all try on some wings. La soirée est toute en français. Should you wish to attend, tickets can be purchased here.


Different Strokes: Water Prevention

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Water is a curious substance. It is life giving and life taking. In the case of mural making, water becomes an arch enemy.

Mural installation

Somewhere along the line of producing a mural, thoughts turn to installation. For the most part artists are not part of the installation process, at least I have not been. I am always learning something new.

blog, water, sealant, framing, murals
Forty-five degree angles make neat corners.

Hiring a carpenter

So as not to have too much new in the process we will engage a carpenter to install the wood grid upon which the mural will hang. So far so good. It does not solve the problem of edges.

blog, water, sealant, edges, framing, murals
A vice is essential.

Edges again

Edges occupy a lot of my time. Edging a mural is entirely different. Plywood, no matter how well finished on both sides, still leaves a vulnerable entry point for water: the edge. Copious amounts of primer and exterior paint are not sufficient. A seal of silicone may be adequate. To ensure the highest impermeability a metal frame will finish the work.

blog, water, sealant, framing, murals
Thankfully perfection is not required.

Metal frames and the Holy Spirit

The decision to install a metal frame assumes some knowledge in that department. Having none, I allowed the idea to incubate. As usual the Holy Spirit inspired a solution and the required steps in the process.

blog, water, sealant, framing, murals
Creating the line for scoring.

Carpet edging and water prevention

Carpet edging is an extremely useful material. I used it to install the hanging system in my little gallery. Knowing the top edge to be the most vulnerable I ordered a length to overlap both ends. Using a set square, I marked off the centre of the cut and the two forty-five degree angles I needed to create a corner.

blog, water, sealant, framing, murals
Just a little, not too much.

Planning the bend

In order to finish with a straight bend at the corner I decided to score the metal with the saw, much like I do when bending cardboard. The bend provides a complete seal and the joins show up on the sides.

blog, water, sealant, framing, murals
Ready to bend. A blog of wood and a hammer are needed here.

Joins = entrance

Joins allow for possible water entrance. Unfortunately, we have more joins than I thought we would. Miscalculating the length required, I will go back to the store for another two feet. So sad. I like being perfect!

blog, water, sealant, framing, murals
Looking good.

Leaving some exits

We may not seal the metal strip at the bottom. Should water find a way in we will leave a way for it to leave. All that is left to do now is predrill the holes for the screws. Life is so fun.


blog, water, sealant, framing, murals
Looking good.

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming events. March opens with Alberta Branded and finishes with the Blue Gallery at Glenrose Rehab Hospital. Open Studio kicks off on April 29th and my solo in VASA is coming up in June….so good.