One: Move

move, neomosaicpainting, semiabstractflorals, mixedmedia

Some artists move to different locations perceived to be more open to art. One young artist I know moved to New York so she would not need to explain her work to the general public. Then she moved again to a soul inspiring place away from the rush.

Longing to move

Today I feel like moving. I would love to sell my work. I do not see much of a market here. The grass looks greener elsewhere. Having moved forty times in my lifetime, I know the grass is just as green here as anywhere. And I really do not want to move again, ever.

Silent Auction

So why the sudden urge to move elsewhere? Well, I made a mistake. I said “yes”. Unfortunately, I did not ask questions and I agreed to what I thought was a live auction in a different location. The event turned out to be a silent auction to a crowd not at all interested in art. My painting sold for one hundred and twenty-five dollars leaving me bereft of consolation. Is it really worth that much? Do my paintings lower the value of the materials I use? And is the charity really that worthless as an organisation?

My next move

I am angry. Yet I have no one to blame but myself. However, the little matter of insult to injury will take me a week to put aside. That is my next move. I will not pick up a brush until I have recuperated. At that time, I will finish the painting with the appropriate coats of varnish and deliver it. The customer will not be happy. It would bother me if I believed she is truly ignorant of what she has done.


The next question is why bother finishing and delivering it? That is a matter of integrity. Mine. I will fulfill my obligations and then move forward. Hopefully, in the future,  I will ask more questions. So, no more silent auctions. I prefer bonfires or cutting a cheque and keeping the painting.

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