One: Signs

Signs of spring, hope, new directions

Signs of spring are peeking out from under the heavy mantle of snow bordering the path to my creative haven. Mostly they show up in the warmer sunshine and the dripping icicles. Soon, we will be able to see the bags of leaves around the firepit once more. There is hope.

Signs are clear

signs of spring, hope, light in the darkness
Frozen drips. Ice forming.

Even in the darkness of the hour in which so many have chosen to panic, hope resides. We can learn from this trial as we can learn from any challenge. Indeed, a revision of our priorities as the most powerful population on Earth, is long overdue. Signs are clear: humanity is not in control. At best we can choose to be better stewards of the planet’s treasures.

A common enemy unites

signs of the times, bags of leaves, hope,
Sacks of leaves peeking out.

Another shard of light in the gloom is our shared awareness of commonality. As is often the case, a common enemy shows signs of uniting us. We are all vulnerable. Some more than others. A common caring inspires hope from Italian balconies and the internet has become an ally. While some try to exploit the uncertainty, most focus on caring for each other.

Signs of new life

signs, firewood, melting, hope
Firewood ready for spring.

Long ago I received a mandate to live one day at a time and be good to myself. Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and we plan to go for a ride. A beautiful park awaits us. A walk is in the offing. Hope fills the air as the excited chirping of birds heralds the mating season and signs of new life. All is well and all will be well.

Contact using hand signs

signs, melting, spring, hope
Drips frozen in a tower.

In the meantime, I will keep my distance. My outings to the grocery store may reduce to once every two weeks. Contact for friends and family will remain in the virtual realm or by using hand signs. Consequently, it may become more frequent. Hope remains. This too shall pass.

New beginnings

purging, hope, renewal, signs
Deciding what to do.

While all exhibitions in the near future have been cancelled or postponed, I will focus on reorganizing my studio. Experimenting with new ideas, exploring different possibilities, all is possible for now. The now is ripe with hope and signs of new beginnings.

Sharing signs of hope

In the hope of the now, do take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay home. Pray for those on the front lines. Find ways to brighten another’s day. Inspire hope in the hopeless with a smile and a calm assurance that all will be well. In fact, the signs indicated we may choose to make it better!