One: Unexpected

DEVENIR, VASA, neomosaic, unexpected
Work in progress

Just when we think we have things under control the unexpected happens. A readjustment of priorities must take place and some choices made. This year the idea of choice really took root in me as I adjusted to the demands. I have found waiting for paint to dry invaluable as time spent on meeting expectations.

Obligers meet the unexpected

Obliger Tendency, unexpected obligations, outside accountability

As an Obliger, meeting other’s expectations is something I do naturally. Meeting my own is a different matter and not so easily accomplished. With the help of the book “The Four Tendencies” by Gretchen Rubin, I understand how to circumvent my own tendency by asking for help from an outside source. Unfortunately, asking for help is another action listed among the forbidden from my childhood. Fortunately, I am an adult on occasion. While the unexpected happens often, if the source is outside of me, it is usually easily accommodated.

Unexpected hanging space

unexpected, lack of storage space, opportunities,
“Broken/brisé” neomosaic/mixedmedia on 30x30in gallery wrap canvas $1620.00

Since my painting pace has accelerated during the last year, my inventory has grown. Recently I noticed two calls for submissions, one for Deep Freeze and the other for Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Putting in the submissions had an ulterior motive: lack of storage space. Thankfully, the unexpected came through as both venues agreed to show my paintings over the next few weeks and months.

International opportunity

unexpected, international show, works on paper, abstract, mixed media
“Life is Complicated/La vie est complexe” mixed media on A4 Arches $326.00

Another surprise came in the form of a world-wide call for any creative effort on an A4 sheet of paper. Loving the challenge and the possibility of showing in Paris, France, I cut a piece of Arches hot press to size and submitted “Life is Complicated” complete with poem. Following this adventure, a second call for submissions came through in December for an artist residency in Scotland. I have been looking at this one for some time. Should the unexpected happen and my submission succeed, I will rearrange my routine to be there for three months.


unexpected, neomosaic, semiabstract landscape, mixed media
Almost finished “Autumn Doubloons/pièces d’or” neomosaic/mixedmedia on 30x30in gallery wrap canvas $1620.00

While keeping pace with my self-imposed deadline for the DEVENIR March show at VASA, one could ask why both with a submission for which I have little hope. Three reasons spring to mind. The first is putting a submission together for something unusual is great practice. Second, the requirements force me to clarify my thinking. Third, hope reigns supreme and the unexpected does occur.

Best wishes

All in all, it has been a great start to the new year. Wishing you a wonderful 2020. May you enjoy abundant blessings of peace, good health, joy and prosperity.