One: Attitude

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Our state of mind often determines whether we receive challenges with ease or with trepidation. Fortunately, our attitude lies within our control.

Attitude depends on the wolf I feed

To begin with, it seems as if reactions are uncontrollable. first of all, I must recognize the consequences within me of the thoughts and ideas around me. I get to choose which wolf to feed. My attitude depends on whether or not I feed the wolf of fear. 

Takes time to change

While I recognize the long period of time it has taken to change my attitude from fear to confidence, I celebrate the peace I enjoy today. I welcome this period of isolation as it gives me time to reflect on the most important issues of the day. I get to choose where to put my energy. 

Attitude of adventure

A global pandemic awakens the world to new possibility. We could build a new world instead of rebuilding the old one. Obviously, the old one is not working anymore anyway. Yet in order to rebuild we need an attitude of adventure embracing possibility.

Art world stresses attitude

Certainly, in the art world things are changing rapidly. There is little doubt it will never be the same. It could be better. Amidst the closing museum, galleries and festivals new venues are opening. For an interesting discussion on these topics listen to the Art Angle Podcast.

New possibilities

The attitude of solidarity grows as we reach out to connect in new ways. People have power in solidarity. The solution lies in the ground swell of those demanding a more equitable distribution of wealth. Protecting our planet and its resources also comes to the fore. Creating a circular economy becomes priority.

All is well

We live in exciting times. Let us embrace the new and the miracle of possibility. A positive attitude will lead us to new ideas and new solutions. In the meantime, rest. Reconnect. Open to the possible. Celebrate. All is well.