Wildwood: Mixed Media

“Wildwood” is wild!

“Wildwood” melds ideas from both science and religion. Science tells us our world evolved from chaos. In the same way the process of mixed media begins in chaos. Religion tells us everything created comes from the same source. Tapping into this source, the mess of texture and random paint drippings seems chaotic yet a beautiful harmony emerges.

Mixed media creates chaos

Harmony is key. Even in the chaos there is harmony.  A few tools scratch texture into molding paste on the canvas. The comb traces curves here and there. Different sized circles repeat in rhythm. Once this is dry, random splashes of colour run riot over the grooves. Accidents happen while the drying takes place. Basic grays enhance the shapes already woven onto the support. Many accidents are left alone because their beauty is unique. Dark and light shapes bring order and balance. A shimmering landscape takes form. The suggested form, however, shifts with the light. In the shift mystery remains. In the end, the trails and blobs hold together in harmony just like Creation itself. Wildwood is wild.


Wild is familiar. Our world is wild. “Wildwood” beckons our love for the world. Beneath the surface glows an invitation to trust. Relax, let go. Control belongs to someone else. Surrender may be the key to survival on our planet. With surrender harmony is possible even in the wild.

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